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Remain courteous to staff assigned to security.

They are volunteers who have a duty to ensure your safety. The focal point of the rally will be in radio contact with all stakeholders on the site. We ask you to follow all safety precautions, including not move in prohibited areas for spectators. Stay well away from the road to make sure a loss of control vehicle can not reach you. If our volunteers feel that a portion of the crowd did not behave safely, the Race Director will order the cancellation of the event.

The organizers can not foresee everything especially with regard to the safety of your children. Although pilots are highly qualified, a bit mechanical failure occur without warning. Please always keep attention on your child.

When you attend a special stage of the Rallye Perce-Neige, you will do while standing on the property of a resident. These owners agree that their lands are attacked by fans. We rely on your sense of civility to protect property, assets like trees and shrubs, or other signs.

In addition, we invite you to retrieve all your trash when you leave one or the other sites. Unfortunately melting snow in the spring leaves traces of your passage.

The committee Rallye Perce-Neige 2015