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   HQ is located at l'Auberge du Draveur, located at 85 rue Principale Nord (autoroute 105)i in Maniwaki. HQ will be opened from Thursday, February 1st to Sunday 4th. (Registration, drivers meeting, communication center, volunteer registration, etc).


Ceremonial start and finish 

   Official start will be Saturday, February 3rd, and podium ceremonies and parc fermé from 8 to 10 PM will be in the parking lot of LES GALERIES DE MANIWAKI, on the main street of Maniwaki, which is also rue Principale or highway 105.


Service area 
Same as place for the last years, it is located behind PROPANE MANIWAKI, 54 Principale Nord (highway 105), and two blocks north of the Galeries de Maniwaki. All services, provisional headquarters.

** For all stages, remember to show up early as mentioned in the specials  below before Car "0" . Make sure you are on time and will find a suitable location to spectate. If you park along a street or road, make sure you do not block the traffic. Follow all instructions from security officers. All directions are from the Galeries de Maniwaki. **

Drive on highway 105 nord (northbound), turn left on Labelle Street and left again on Cécile Street. Drive up to the end up to the road block. You are close to the spectator area or you can use a shuttle to reach the two other spectator areas in the stage. **Be there before 3:00 pm.

Drive on highway 105 sud (southbound) for 11 km. Turn right at Chemin Farley road heading to the municipality of Farley. Drive for 3,3 km and turn right again on Chemin Farley. Drive another 2 km to get to the start of the stage. Only the shuttle buses are allowed to enter the stage. **Be there before 8:30 am


Drive on highway 105 sud for 15 km. Turn right on Chemin Carle. Drive for 1,5 km until you get to a roadblock. This is an intersection used in the stage; you can stay there or walk to another intersection located 300 metres further. Please follow the instructions of security officers ** Be there before 8:30 am 

Drive on highway 105 sud for 40 km. Turn right on Chemin du Lac Cayamant for 17,7 km. Turn right on chemin Lachapelle for 110 meters. You are in the municipality parking lot and a shuttle service is available. Only the shuttle buses are allowed to enter the stage.  **1st leg - Be there before 13h15  - 2nd leg - Be there before 6:15 pm